Taste & Smell

Fresh ingredients & tradition

The people of Lošinj are known for their longevity. They can thank the local cuisine for this, which is rich in fresh and seasonal ingredients. They use many spices that grow on the island, which makes their recipes unique. The key, however, lies in moderation and diversity.

Don’t leave the island without trying fresh grilled fish, and for those who enjoy meat delicacies, the well-known island lamb. Don’t forget wine!

The Mediterranean cuisine, present here, is reputed to be the healthiest and it also participates in the story of Vitality. Due to this richness and long history, the island hosts the “Apoxyomen’s Festival”, which unites all parts, and the main and starting point is certainly the cuisine.

Coffee plays a big role in Croatian everyday life and here you can really enjoy a real Italian espresso.

Restaurants & unique places

Expand your taste buds by trying exquisite dishes created from wild caught seafood.

On Lošinj you can find many unique places where you can enjoy the tastes and smells. Surrounded by plants or with a clear sea view. You can walk to the terrace or even take a bike ride. Expect to find more intimate places or where everything is crowded with people is just your choice. Combining fresh ingredients and a modern way of preparation is also one of the offers.