Our Process

Many vacation booking services have the same format. However, the same format always yields the same results…

We are different.

Our process is unique, personal and friendly and it enables us to offer you a professional, high-quality and one of a kind vacations!

Keep reading to understand our process and see how we work!


1 - The Consultation

First things first.

First you will need to fill out our interest form

After submitting your form, let’s connect and spend some time discussing your dream vacation.

What are you looking to experience?

Do you have specific preferences?

What are your hobbies?

Questions like these help us to get to know you better and be better equipped to cater to your needs.

Some people prefer to have a vacation that is relaxing with a focus on beach days and fun in the sun.

Others are looking for outdoor activities such as cycling and water sports.

While still others are all about a more cultural trip -these are the foodies, art lovers and architecture aficionados.

However, it doesn’t matter if you want one or all of these things.

At Veli Vacations, it is our pleasure to accommodate you!

2 - The Design

Based on your wishes, we will design your perfect vacation!

After reviewing your interest form and our notes following our discussion, we will design a custom vacation package for you and your traveling companions.

Our recommendations will include hotel and airfare, as well as excursions and options that are all based on your requests. We will stay within the budget that you have outlined and include options that reflect your interests.

3 - The Review

After reviewing our proposal, feel free to ask for changes as you see fit. This is after all, your vacation!

We want you to feel one hundred percent comfortable and excited about your trip.

Is there something missing from the itinerary?

Let us know!

You’d like to change your accommodation options?

Not a problem!

We can review and make changes as necessary until you have the absolutely perfect vacation outline.

4 - We Book Your Flight!

Your non-stop enjoyment, relaxation and exploration on the Island of Lošinj is about to begin!

However, our commitment to you does not stop when you board the plane. At Veli Vacations, we are committed to you from beginning to end. While you are traveling, you can always contact us for assistance with your trip.

Our hands-on approach is part of our custom services that set us apart from other travel booking options. We will ensure that your trip is not only exclusively designed for you but that you have a support system in place the entire time.

So, don’t wait any longer!

Contact us today and let us help you to begin planning your unforgettable vacation to one of the most unique spots on the planet – The Island of Lošinj!

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