Island Hopping & Dolphin Watching

Island of Susak

One of the most fascinating islands in the Lošinj archipelago is certainly the islet of Susak. This small, isolated world is known for its sandy beaches and unique traditional costumes. They say that the clothes of the old Suščans (name for the inhabitants of the island) are the forerunner of the mini skirt. It is not known how Susak originated and is completely geologically different from other Adriatic islands. There are no cars on the island but that’s ok because the islands fine, yellowish sand make this hidden gem a paradise for bare feet.

There is only one village here and interestingly throughout history every Suščan has been a winegrower, fisherman, sailor, and merchant at the same time. Today, not many people live in that village, due to its turbulent history, but many visitors flock to these small alleys especially in summer.

When visiting this island, you can choose a few guided tours, or simply decide to enjoy on one of the beaches. They say that the sand of the island of Susak is healing. We hope you can tell us is this true.

Sail and Swim

Island hopping is a must do adventure when visiting Lošinj! After a tasty coffee, hop on the boat and head towards nearby islands. It is amazing how the colors of the sea seem to inspire with you with its constantly changing shades of turquoise. If you go early enough you will pass by fishermen coming back from night fishing, when often traditional music is accompanying them on their daily bonding with nature.

One-day boat trip around the unspoiled islands involves swimming and snorkeling as you sail around secluded coves. It requires good sense of adventure, sunscreen, two pairs of swimming suits, and sunglasses.

On the way back you will feel the sunset pushing you with cool air, introducing you to “Maestral” the warm summer winds that blow from the West.  With the luck the dolphins will honor you with sunset dances alongside your boat.

Dolphin Watching

Dolphins are biological indicators of sea purity and bountiful fish habitation. They prefer to be in an environment that is extremely clean and these playful inhabitants of the island can often be seen dancing on the surface throughout the day.

Currently there are about 200 individuals of bottlenose dolphins swimming freely in the Lošinj area and almost each has its own name. The oldest dolphins of Lošinj, like Vivian, Tac and Mida are over 30 years old!

The Blue World Institute has been investing all its efforts in preserving and researching these beautiful and intelligent Lošinj friends for years. With them, you embark on a journey that will awaken your childish playfulness and special memories will be created for children in contact with these dear mammals. For those who want to participate even more, they can even adopt one of them and support the work of the Blue World Institute.

To learn more, visit,  Blue World Institute