About Us

Our Mission

We custom design trips to the breathtaking Island of Vitality. Whether you need help planning your trip or assistance navigating transportation, hotel accommodations, dining, activities, or just little things like where can you find the best local handmade gifts, we are always ready and waiting to help. We can even help organize exclusive excursions that allow you to explore more of the exquisite island culture.

Why we do what we do

We’ve always believed that travel memories last a lifetime and when you form a special bond with a little corner of the world these moments are what you will remember fondly.

It’s why we offer a personal service that is always ready and waiting throughout your holiday so you can enjoy the touch of luxury you deserve and savor the memories you make forever.

Our Vision

To help travelers from all over the world enjoy something different when they visit Croatia. We call it the Lošinj Experience, and it’s something that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Our Values

We believe in being an honest, transparent travel agency that always operates with the highest integrity. By putting the needs of our customers first, we always ensure you get the experience you deserve.

Customer satisfaction is the core value on which Veli Vacations is built. Our company places great emphasis on integrity-driven and transparent travel with the clients’ needs always taking prominence.

Meet Your Travel Expert

Get to know Katarina Baalbaki

As a native of Mali Lošinj, my love for my Croatian home has never waned despite years of living in the United States.

Being a graduate of International Foreign Policy at George Mason University and a long-time resident of Washington, D.C., I always felt deep inside that my passion for international travel would become intertwined with my professional life. My excitement for new languages, different cultures, and diversity was further developed as I traveled the world.

Nothing nourishes my soul like the peaceful nature of Lošinj. From the moment I arrive on the island I instantly feel relaxed and recharged even if I’ve had jet lag from a long journey. I’m always in awe of the breathtaking atmosphere of the island. It’s a place that fills my heart with indescribable joy and calm.

The Birth of Veli Vacations

It didn’t take long however, before her travels began to lead her home again, to Lošinj. During this time, when asked about her hometown, Katarina often had to use a map in order to properly explain its location. This experience helped to propel her desire to bring this tiny, often unknown island of Lošinj, to more people. And so, the beginning of her journey with Veli Vacations was born!

Why Dolphins

Dolphins are sentient, intelligent, and playful mammals that live in the water. They represent the fluidity of human nature, a diplomatic balance between the spiritual and physical connection with ourselves. Dolphins are the symbol of Lošinj.

For Veli Vacation it represents freedom, and a constant reminder of home. Like dolphins travel alongside ships, we are hoping to do the same and guide you throughout your journey. We will be by your side accompanying you and giving you the freedom to discover and create the powerful memories while sailing on the Adriatic Sea.

Symbolism of dolphins:


Good Luck




Mental Power

Team Work